07 june 2022

Solid fuel feeding line



  Automation of steam boiler 16t/h fuel supply line... 





15 april 2022

Automation of Steam Boiler House



  ELAS has completed the installation and adjustment work of steam boiler house on the one plant in Lviv region. 





28 march 2022

Replacement of LOOS UL-S boiler automation

Replacement of standard automatics of the LOOS UL-S steam boiler...





07 october 2020

30 MWt Boiler House in the Ternopil



  ELAS has completed the installation and adjustment works for the boiler house reconstruction... 





2 march 2020

Solid fuel Boiler House in the Zaporizhya




 Integrated Automation of Solid fuel Boiler House 6MWt in the Zaporizhya... 





10 february 2020

Boiler House in the Ivano-Frankivsk




ELAS has completed the installation and adjustment works for the boiler house reconstruction... 






07 february 2020

Peat plant



Automation of peat plant...  




29 march 2019

Automation of steam boiler


The program of the controller Vega-module 2.3 for a steam boiler is developed on the request. The main ability of the new program is control the gas / air ratio by pressure or by actuators feedback or in mixed modes (gas pressure, air feedback or gas feedback, air pressure)





26 september 2018

Automation VEGA-PG for gas heaters


 First consignment VEGA-7 is produced for Ukrtransgaz...

The automatic control system for the first consignment of gas heaters TK-PG-M-R produced by Termocomplex was produced.



27 march 2018

High-temperature gas heater

 The automatic control system for the high-temperature gas heater TK-PG-M-R produced by Termocomplex  was developed. This heater will be used for regeneration of natural gas drainage towers. The heater heats the gas to a temperature of 220°C....



1 november 2017

Coal drying line

 Automatics for coal drying line based on OMRON controllers...



9 october 2017

Boiler House in Ivano-Frankivsk

ELAS has completed the installation and adjustment works for the boiler house reconstruction...



19 may 2017

Automation for KRON-Turbo

 Control cabinet for heat generator KRON-Turbo based on controller Vega-Module 2.3...



16 february 2017

Start of odorizer TK-OGA on the gas-distribution station Gadyach



Start of odorizer TK-OGA with control uint Vega-Odor on the gas-distribution station Gadyach of the PoltavaGazVidobuvannua.
The odorizer is designed for low gas consumption. Also the gas heater TK-PG-3M is successfully working at the station...



2 march 2017

Automation of heater plant


Control cabinet for heater and ventilation plant of the gas compressor station in the Kazakhstan was developed.  Heater plant is based on AERTON airheater.

Works were produced in collaboration with our partners: engineering center "Promgazaparat" and "Termokompleks"....



19 december 2016

Oxygen meter IOM-O2

 LAS Ltd. has released a new product - ooxygen meter IOM-O2. The device is used for a continuous measuring of oxygen concentration in the combustion gases. It can be used in the combustion control systems with O2-correction.




30 september 2016

Automation of boiler house

 Automation of boiler house 8MW capacity in Ivano-Frankivsk...



14 september 2016

Automation of KV-GM-7,56

 Automatics and burners successfully worked three seasons....



12 september 2016

Startup and comissioning works of the heating unit

 Startup and comissioning works of the heating unit at Bystrovskaya gas treatment station are made...



12 august 2016

Vega control via the Internet

 Controllers Vega can be controlled through the Internet-Dispatcher system...



5 august 2016

Control cabinet of the 16MW burner for asphalt plant

 Control cabinet of the burner KP-1600B with Vega-Module 2.3 controller...



25 july 2016

Control unit for odorizer

 Made сontrol unit Vega 8 for odorizer TK-OGA...



20 july 2016

Automation grain-dryers Nibulon

 Total automation grain-dryers Nibulon (Voznesensk)...



5 july 2016

Contract electronic manufacturing

 For may-june  2016 "ELAS" ltd.  produced 2200 devices and shipped their to the customer...



29 june 2016

Сabinet based on gas analyzer Siemens Ultramat 23

Made сabinet and wiring for gas analysis for Sintrol company. The cabinet consists of gas analyzer Siemens Ultramat 23, components of BUHLER Technologies GmbH...



14 june 2016

Control cabinet for heat generator KRON-1.0 TURBO based on Siemens S1200

 Made heat generator control cabinet KRON-1.0 TURBO РОН-1.0 based on PLC Siemens S1200 ...



13 may 2016


Control cabinet for 10MW burner with Siemens S1200.

 Control cabinet for the burner КП-1000B (10MW) with Siemens S1200...



28 апреля 2016

Обновлён модуль расширения IOM-AI8-AO4

Обновлён модуль расширения IOM-AI8-AO4. Применены новые элементы в схеме прибора...



26 april 2016

The control system for ten of KRON's

 Completed orders for manufacturing control systems Conveyer dried, which consists of 10 Crown and heat generators  KRON 0.12Turbo...



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